Wednesday, 2 March 2011

3 countries in 24hours

So, here we are, sat in our hotel in the south of France....

The journey so far....

So straight after my 5-6 o'clock lecture I ran out to Laura's car, she had driven up to campus straight after her lecture. We were rather hungry so stopped off at McDonald's for some chicken nuggets, chips, and the toilet!

The journey to Laura's was made in record time with plenty of fun conversations. We contemplated how much Aber has changed us, quote of the night 'yeah, if you think about me' - oh dear!! I got to experience Laura's comedy comments when driving - she talks to herself and goes very weird ;P all the better to laugh with. :)

We arrived at Laura's just before midnight, Laura high on Red Bull, me struggling to stay awake. After re-packing and having a sad realisation that I could've brought my suitcase, we went to bed.

Nice and early this morning (6.50) my alarm went off to get me out of bed... a shower and an orange juice later we were off!!

The journey to the airport was fun. I found out that Laura's dad did international relations so we chatted about Africa, colonialism and the difference between a nation-state and a state-nation. Fun I know :) Laura was thrilled by this conversation!

At the airport we weighed our bags, sized our bags, and avoided talking about safety pins, bombs and machine guns when going through security, and then... waited...

After finding a 'the windmill' weatherspoons, we went a little bit crazy in a toy shop: Laura danced on a floor keyboard, I couldn't find hand puppets (they were right behind me), and we played catch. We then contemplated buying a real aston martin for £20 but realised we wouldn't be able to afford the insurance. Now for the search for shampoo...

'Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it'

We found the Boots and found the travel sized shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, face wash and deodorant. After getting some snacks we went to the till, only to find out we could have a freebie item with our 'skin care' products, so we got a moisturising cream. Not only was this cream free, it also managed to knock 30p off our total! We discussed buying more to get our total to nought but figured this might not actually work...

Then for preparing to run to a gate when it was shown on the screens... after packing our products in our bags and getting our passports and boarding passes ready, we sat for a while. As soon as the gate came up we ran, I was impressed at how organized we were! We enjoyed going along the flat escalator things and arrived at the queue to be the second party there! WIN! The French don't seem to like to queue - one man kept trying to cut the queue.

We managed to get the seats by the emergency exits so we had lots of leg room, which was useful as neither of us really needed it as we both like to cross our legs.

The flight had quite a bit of drama. As we repeated French phrases, words and numbers off my 'teach yourself French' ipod mp3, babies around us were causing some issues. We had two very cute little boys sat behind us who we had been pulling faces at and there was a little girl across the aisle just behind them.

Drama number one: 'excuse me, can you help me, my baby has been scolded'. The youngest of the boys behind us had spilt tea/coffee on himself. After yelling down the plane, the lady continued to yell at the Ryanair people, attempting to blame them for the hot beverage. She tried to get Laura to act as a witness, Laura refused.

Drama number two: 'the baby has been crying for so long and the mother is doing nothing for it'. The little girl behind us was crying, we were coming to land and I can only assume that the child, who had behaved perfectly throughout the flight, was experiencing ear pain. I was too so I totally empathised. The passenger in front of her started yelling at the mum. This resulted in passenger, girl's mum and boys' mum participating in a yelling match. A Ryanair stewardess came over to see what was happening, kindly another passenger translated (quote above). She tried to calm the situation.

After landing we went through passport control and went to find a bus. After finding out how extortionate taxi prices are, we got on the coach. Twenty minutes later we arrived at Garè St.Charles, then for finding the hotel! We located where we were and where the hotel was. We were to walk down a really long road turn right and walk down another long road. We did and found the hotel without getting lost or asking for directions! :) WIN!

We checked in and freshened up and headed back out to find some food! We hadn't had anything proper to eat all day! Our 'lunch' consisted of a packet of crisps and a small bag of popcorn each (I had also had some grapes). We walked into the centre away from the side streets and suburbs that we are in. After finding the sea, we realised we REALLY needed food. We walked along the harbour looking for a cheapish restaurant but every time we tried to eat somewhere we were told they were closed - even though people were in there drinking. After walking around for some time we realised that we must have been too early for food! It was about 5.30. Too hungry to wait we went back round the harbour, enjoy the sights and looking into tourist stuff as we went, and decided to go to Haagen Dans for some desert and to pass the time away. After seemingly taking forever to decide what to have we ordered and enjoyed some delicious ice cream!! As we were too embarrassed to go back to the restaurants and rather fuller up (I know that's not grammaticaly correct) we decided what we really wanted was a slab of pizza and to come back to hotel to chill out. So to find pizza... we wandered the streets of Marseille and couldn't find pizza anywhere... until... we wandered down a, slightly rough, side street... PIZZA GALORE! Exactly what we were looking for! We ordered our pizza and continued to wander, until we got a little uncomfortable :S so we headed towards the center again and walked back to the hotel.

We have gotten into our pajamas and after me spending just under an hour writing this and Laura editing the video from today, Laura has just this minute drifted to sleep and I am going to do some reading then do the same.

Today has been so much fun and we have so many special memories simply from today!

So... 24 hours, 3 countries...

Let's see what tomorrow will bring...

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