Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Affirmation and Appreciation

Last week and this week have gone past so fast! I didn't even realise it was already Wednesday - and that's nearly over now!

But to update you on my time in London...

So, I've been doing this work for CARE - researching and writing a paper for them - and it's been really interesting, but I kinda felt like it was something given to me because they needed to find something for me to do. I felt like this because no one else in the office seems to be looking at the same area... but then again, nothing overly major is happening in that area at the moment so I do understand why they're not frantically looking into it.

I was feeling a bit bummed out about it until last Wednesday.

Last Wednesday we had a Public Affairs: London meeting. This involved me, the human trafficking and prostitution officer, a guy that has volunteered with them for the year, the guy in charge of me, and the guy in charge of all mentioned. It was a really interesting meeting in that I got to know a lot more about what everyone had been doing. I managed to suggest something of real use to them too and have managed to implement it too which is really good! :)

The main thing I took from this meeting though was a real sense of appreciation and affirmation. What I have been spending all my time on, is actually really useful to them! That made me feel much much better about everything and gave me much more enthusiasm which is good :)

The rest of the working week panned out as normal really... but the evenings were a bit more interesting!

More about them (and some piccies) in the next post! :D

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