Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Summer comes to an end...

Summer is now swiftly coming to an end and things are starting to normalise again...

This summer has been really quite good. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CARE and loved 'working' in London for those 5 weeks. It definitely tickled my taste buds for the future. I've just in fact been looking at possible posts in London for myself next year if I were to do a part-time Masters - I've decided I'm going to apply for a Masters! 

It has also been wonderful seeing friends of mine get married! The Brights and the Sweeneys both got married this summer and to have been part of such wonderful events was lovely. They are wonderful people and I am looking forward to seeing how God uses them as couples in the future! :)

While that has all been wonderful, my highlight for this summer has to be the time I've spent with my family. I haven't spent too much time at home as I was staying in London for a large chunk of the holidays, but what I have spent at home has been wonderful. Now I'm back in Aber I'm really going to miss them! In fact, I only left yesterday and I already really miss them!

It's been exceptionally wonderful spending time with my sisters getting to know them better. As siblings the tendency to fight with each other and argue when we were younger was very strong, but now that we're all growing up we can have civilised conversations! and much more of course! :) I really do love them both greatly and will really miss them!

Here are some photos of us (and my cousins) messing around a few weeks ago...


  1. You have had a great summer and I am so pleased that we, as your family, could be a part of it. It is wonderful watching you all grow up into lovely young ladies who can have fascinating and current conversations each expressing your own viewpoints. I think a little bit of play fighting may still go on though for a few decades more! Enjoy the start of your final year as an under grad!! love mummy x x x

  2. Love this... great pictures... and yeah, my sister is totally my best friend and I feel like it's a great loss not having her around all the time... though of course that just makes it extra special when I do see her. Glad to have discovered your blog. :] xx